The Kitchen

As a kid, I waited in line for Space Mountain at Disney World. Something happened to the rollercoaster during our wait, which just prolonged our time in the dark humid line. Once the ride finally came, I cried the entire time. Waiting in line for a table at The Kitchen is not like Space Mountain. 

We only spent a night or two in Providence, but our time there was nothing short of lovely. It’s not a huge town, but the impact was pretty grand. I frequently think about the magic that was my breakfast here. I had done my research, as I do, and this place kept coming up. The pictures weren’t great, and at most, I can say it looked fine. But the people were raving about this place, so we went. It was grey outside and a bit cold. The place held 14 people, and a line had already begun. No time was given for how long we’d have to wait, but we waited. We waited for about 2 hours, and that grey sky turned into rain. If the others in line hadn’t assured us the wait was completely worth it, we would have probably bailed. I mean, we were basically waiting for eggs and bacon. 

Once we entered this teeny tiny establishment, we were damp and cold, and the coffee wasn’t great but warmed us up so it was basically perfect. Having waited almost 2 hours, we’d peered at the menu written on the wall and had pretty much decided on a game plan. We both ordered the same thing because we didn’t want to share and eggs, bacon, and french toast sounded delightful. Spoiler alert: it was, in fact, delightful.

There’s one person cooking it all, so it doesn’t come to you super fast. I mean, this isn’t the Waffle House (I’m not hating on WH, btw). So we sat there, drank our coffee, tried to dry off, and watched the people outside in the rain watching us enjoy being inside while they hated their lives outside. The excitement and hunger built up as we watched others get their food. Finally ours came, and it was truly magical. How could breakfast be so good? The bacon was seriously thick. Truly next level. Crispy outside and slightly chewy just beyond that crust. The eggs were perfectly fried. The french toast was incredibly fluffy, made with homemade bread and some batter that had to be sent straight from heaven. It’s hard to explain how good this breakfast was because it’s a simple and traditional breakfast. Suffice it to say, this breakfast is the one to beat all breakfasts. I’ll definitely be returning to Providence and will happily wait 2+ hours in line all for this meal in the most generically named restaurant of all time.

Go to Providence, Rhode Island. Go to The Kitchen. Thank me later or don’t.